Create a heirloom piece with Bombora Custom Furniture


Since beginning our custom furniture business in 2011, we have been passionate about creating pieces of furniture of great quality that will look beautiful in our clients homes not only now but for many decades to come.  As well as the positive environmental impact of creating something with a long lifespan, we love the concept of a heirloom piece. The idea of creating something that will take pride of place in someones home, be a part of the celebrations of the big milestones as well as the rituals of everyday togetherness and to one day be that sentimental piece that is passed down to the next generation.  

recycled timber furniture

The three aspects that influence the longevity of a piece of furniture is the quality of construction, a high performance yet renovatable finish and a timeless design. 

Designed for timeless style

 A combination of a simple silhouette and natural timber makes a piece of furniture malleable to changes in trends.  Change the styling pieces, dining chairs or bed linen and the whole look changes. 

Crafted for longevity

For longevity, a piece needs a sturdy construction that allows for the natural movement of the timber as well as the use of quality materials such as the timber, glue and hardware.  We only use furniture grade timber from timber yards that have a guaranteed moisture content level to ensure that the timber is stable. A higher moisture content level will see the timber cracking if it quickly begins to dry out once in your home.  We use German made Hettich hardware such as drawer runners and push to open mechanisms to create our pieces. 

A renovatable finish 

For a piece of furniture to last the distance, it needs to be resistant to substances that can stain like wine, coffee and pasta sauce. It also needs to be easily fixable so that it can be fearlessly used not just looked at.  We use Osmo,  a furniture finish that is a combination of natural oils and waxes that creates a resistant barrier to stains whilst leaving the timber looking and feeling like timber. The surface is renovatable. If a small scratch occurs, an application of the liquid spray cleaner will make it disappear before your eyes.  In the instance of a large scratch, the surface needs only a light sand and reapplication of the original curing oil to leave the surface as good as new.  This resurfacing can easily be done with the piece in situ and can be performed by anyone with a sander and paint roller.