A Natural Finish For Timber Furniture 

At Bombora Custom Furniture, we are obsessed with timber.  We love that every piece has its own unique story to tell in each sap line, swirl of grain and penetrating nail hole. The very best part of the whole construction process for us however is when the first layer of oil and wax finish is applied.  When the colors, patterns and sap-lines are all enhanced to their full depth of tone and the texture becomes silky soft and very touchable, it is only then that the timbers full beauty is exposed. 

Over the years, we tried many different products until we finally discovered the German developed and manufactured Osmo.  There are many things that we love about this product. 


Natural Ingredients

Osmo is made from a variety of natural oils and waxes. The oils, such as Sunflower, Soybean and Thistle penetrate into the wood to nourish the fibers and to enhance the tone whilst the Carnauba and Cadelilla Wax forms a breathable layer on the surface for protection against spills and abrasion.  Having natural ingredients is important to us as firstly the health of our staff is vital so we wouldn't want them to be exposed to toxic chemicals on a daily basis.  Being naturally based rather than on petrochemicals also means that it is a better choice for the environment. 


Natural Appearance

The Osmo finish only enhances the depth of the natural tone and colour of the timber rather than changing it as most other finished do such as a timber stain, Danish or Tung oil.  This avoids the dreaded orange tint or the yellowing that happens over time with other finishes. We believe that with good advice on timber choice, you will be able to achieve the colour that you want for your home naturally without needing to use a stain. 


Kid Friendly Finish

The hard-wearing nature of the finish protects the timber from liquid and food spills that occur on a daily basis on high use items such as dining tables and kitchen bench tops.  if you have kids using 

Non-toxic, food and toy safe. 

Easy Care

Easy Repair