Metal, concrete and fabric- the beauty of contrasts in timber furniture

We sure love our beautiful recycled timber here at Bombora Custom Furniture but sometimes we like to mix things up a bit! Using different materials such as concrete, metal or fabric lifts the timber into another dimension by highlighting its personality, aliveness, changing tones and grains.  The current interior design trend of lux industrial often brings these materials together.  Each contrasting against the other to create the perfect balance of warm and cold, stark and homely, natural and man made.  

We have been receiving an increasing number of commissions from clients wanting custom timber dining tables with metal legs. Here are two such examples. The Centreside dining table with a recycled Messmate top and black metal legs and the Southside industrial dining table with the seriously chunky steel legs. 

The centreside dining table has a heavily recycled Messmate top with custom stainless steel curved box legs.  The top is a beautiful warm timber with plenty of recycled feature that starkly contrasts against the matte black powder coated metal table legs. 

The Southside dining table has a top of 60mm thick Red Iron Bark and Jarrah.  The solid 10mm thick plate steel adds the perfect weight to balance out the chunky top.  The black powder coated metal brings out the natural red tones of the timber that has been finished only in oil and wax. 

We haven't just stopped at the dining room! We have been working on some new designs that push the boundary of what is the norm for timber furniture. The Point Lonsdale couch pairs recycled Messmate timber with a modern white fabric. The solid timber couch frame contrasts against the plush foam cushions enhancing both of these qualities. Check out a picture of this piece in its new home here

 We have been collaborating with Form Concrete Artisans to create some concrete and timber furniture pieces. The Skenes Creek sideboard has a solid concrete top and recycled timber frame, drawers and legs. The timber is rich in sap lines and pockets which are brought out by the dark grey of the concrete top. 

If you are interesting in any of these items or discussing a custom project of your own, please contact us here

Alison Collins is the Co-Owner of Bombora Custom Furniture and in charge of all things other than making furniture! 

Photography Credit- Paul Brownbridge from Peak Multimedia