Custom timber coffee tables

The humble coffee table is one of the smaller pieces of furniture you will have in your home but one that can make a huge difference to the aesthetics and function of your space.  It can be a feature of the room or blend in perfectly with your other soft and hard furnishings.  It can be there purely for its looks or function for displaying your precious treasures or storage of toys, magazines and books.  At our home, we have designed our coffee table to fit perfectly within the scale of our couch as we love to use it as a foot rest.  It is hollow with two openings on opposite sides to create spaces for both storage and hiding away items with the added bonus of acting as a cubby for our children. 

Here is a not so great quality image of our coffee table, made from beautiful recycled Messmate timber and finished with danish oil. 

Here are some other examples of custom coffee tables that we have previously designed for clients. 

The Winchelsea coffee table is a contemporary square design with a plinth to lift it off the floor and four openings for storage. The timber that was hand picked for this piece to be rich in sap lines and grain features giving the piece a beautiful character. 

The Connewarree rectangular coffee table was made with some seriously chunky 60mm thick recycled Messmate.  The rectangular legs mirror the top and are slightly angled inwards to form an X like shape. The timber that was hand picked for this piece is a "clean" Messmate with a light tone and a low amount of feature. This was designed as a member of a matched set with the Grove Console

The Duneed box leg coffee table was designed in a matched set to be a miniature of the Winki Pop dining table.   It is light, Scandanavian in aesthetic and timeless. This piece was constructed from recycled Victorian Ash timber and was finished to silky soft with Danish oil.  


Designing truly bespoke pieces of furniture is what we do best!  If you have an idea that you want to see come to life, please contact us here for a quote! 

Alison Collins is the co-owner of Bombora Custom Furniture and in charge of all things other than making furniture!