Custom Made Furniture // co-creation at its best

Truly custom made furniture is a collaboration between client, designer and furniture maker.  A client comes to us with a vision, a collection of images or a carefully thought out drawing and a burning desire to see it come to life.   Our designer takes these ideas and factors in the practicalities of function as well as an aesthetic of balance formed from years of experience.  The furniture maker then takes the drawings and the clients preferences for timber to bring everything together.   Little adjustments are made to allow for the uniqueness of the timber, finer details are refined for optimal function and senses are used to perfectly place the pieces of timber, to smooth out the bumps and create a truly touchable surface.    It is this process of co-creation that is what furniture making is all about for us.  This is what is so rewarding, so fulfilling and exciting.

bespoke furniture maker

As someone great once said, "necessity is the mother of all invention".  This  is a great description of the bespoke furniture design process. Necessity is in the clients minds when they look at a space they want filled, when they envisage their new home and when they consider how they can make a room more their own. Invention is in the designers mind when they balance the clients desires with what is possible and what could be possible. It is this moment that is so exciting.  The moment of creation, of invention, the melding of ideas, of finding solutions, of creating beauty.  

custom made timber furniture

When the building is done and the timber is brought to life with oil,  we love to see that sense of ownership in our clients eyes, that amazing feeling of seeing something you have dreamed about come to life and be even more awesome than it was in your minds eye.  To see it placed within their home, to be surrounded by their possessions and to be dressed up by their treasures. It is only then that the process of creation is complete. 

Contact us here if you wish to discuss your project with us or alternatively you can contact Alison on 0407-906-799.


Alison Collins is the co-creator of Bombora Custom Furniture and is in charge of all things other than making furniture.