Why should I choose custom made timber furniture for my home?

There are so many options to consider these days when you are purchasing furniture for your home or office.  You need to make choices around the size, the style, the material, off the shelf or custom and of course the budget. I believe that taking into account the sustainability, the beauty, the longevity and value for investment, a custom made piece of timber furniture is the only choice and here is why..... 

Sustainability of FSC certified or recycled timber furniture

Choosing furniture constructed from recycled or sustainable FSC certified timber greatly reduces the impact your purchase has on the environment in comparison to pieces created from man made products such as veneer, chipboard, steel or plastic.  There are very few resources used to convert the timber from a building, pier, bridge or tree into a stick of timber.  In addition to the low amount of resources required to produce a piece of solid timber furniture, the longevity and durability of the piece also ensures that it will not need to be thrown away and replaced, the ultimate sustainability. FYI, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a global not for profit organisation that provides certification for the responsible management of forests and forest products.  It promotes the environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the worlds forests. You can look for their logo on all sorts of forest products including printing paper, toilet paper and timber. 

The aesthetic beauty of recycled timber

Creating beautiful surrounds is something that we as humans crave.  Timber is a material that is very versatile, malleable to styling and most importantly beautiful. It is unique, alive and has a story.  Most often these days our homes are created from materials such as tiles, metal, stone and concrete, timber brings a warmth and life to this palette, creating a sense of home.  Alongside the usual timber furniture such as dining tables and tv units, we also create pieces of "fixed furniture" such as solid timber bench tops, timber vanities, inbuilt storage and bookcases. These pieces of timber cabinetry and joinery bring a sign of life to these spaces, balancing out the harder building materials.

Longevity - a wise investment

The two factors that contribute to the longevity of solid timber furniture is the timelessness of the style as well as the durability of the material. With a well considered design, a piece of solid timber furniture will always be in style as timber is very malleable to changes in styling fashion and the material itself is timeless. 

 Durability is the other vital aspect of longevity, the construction of piece and the finish needs to be able to last the tests of time and use.  The natural oil and wax finish that we use on our furniture is very hard wearing and ensures that the piece gets better with age with the development of a patina. The solid timber used in the construction as well the the choice of finish enables the piece to be spot fixed in the case of a scratch or sanded back and refinished in the case of more substantial damage.  This is not possible with man made products that overtime become worn, scratched and dented, only fit to be thrown out. 

Custom made - creating perfection and quality

Getting a piece of custom made furniture provides you with the opportunity of perfection, the ultimate choose your own adventure. At Bombora, we see the design process as one of collaboration, combining the functional and aesthetic needs of our client to create a piece that they don't just like but love. Aside from creating completely unique designs, we also adjust all of our portfolio pieces to ensure that they fit perfectly into our clients home.  This can mean looking at the dimensions of your chairs to create a dining table that is just the right size, altering the design of a timber vanity to fit perfectly into your bathroom or creating the shelving in your TV unit around your technology.  


Want to discuss working with us to create a piece of custom made timber furniture for your home or office?  Please contact us here!


Alison Collins is the co-creator of Bombora Custom Furniture and in charge of all things other than making furniture!