Custom made timber beds

The bed is the centerpiece the boudoir and is the perfect starting place for styling.   The beauty of a custom made bed is that you can design it to perfectly suit your personal style and the dimensions of the room. Whether your style is modern coastal, contemporary chic, organic or New York Loft, a solid timber bed is always a beautiful choice.  Timber brings warmth and life to the space as well as a great balance for the softness of bed linen. Your bed can make a grand statement with a large footer and head board or subtle with a simple frame.   Here are a couple of examples of beautiful solid timber beds we have custom made for clients in the past.  

The Blue Moon Oregon timber bed is the quintessential modern coastal bed. It is low lying with an angled headboard and matching bedside tables.  The beautiful Oregon timber is warm in tone with distinct swirly grain patterns.  

The Hunters bookcase bed is low lying with a solid timber head board with plenty of storage space underneath.  This piece was created from beautiful recycled Messmate timber with solid hardwood slats. 

The Zeally Bay custom made bed has been designed to be structurally solid whilst being visually light.  The black powder coated steel base disappears into the darkness under the bed to maintain the clean lines.  The beautiful timber used in this bed is American Cherry Wood.  

The Lorne point bed is a celebration of the beauty of recycled Australian timber.  The beautiful recycled Messmate used for this piece is full of stunning natural sap and grain lines with the solid timber headboard and footer being in perfect visual balance . 

All of our furniture, including our beds are made to order.  This custom service ensures that your piece of furniture is perfect for your particular tastes in style, timber type and character level as well as for the dimensions of your room.  We love to collaborate with our clients to create the perfect piece for their home.  Please contact us here to get started in creating your dream piece of furniture or alternatively contact Alison on 0407-906-799.