Black and timber dining tables

Modern industrial dining tables

The style industrial, covers a whole range of aesthetics from rustic, to up-cycled all the way up to luxury. It is the pairing opposites like hard, shiny and new materials such as metal, tile or concrete with softer and alive materials such as timbers and foliage.  It is the combination of the sleek and smooth powder coated steel with the raw realness of recycled timbers.  It creates a strong look, contemporary, modern and punchy yet creates a perfect foundation on which to add on trend styling items.

We have greatly enjoyed creating a whole range of modern industrial dining tables that pair matte black timber or metal with beautiful recycled timber for a bold yet luxurious look. The addition of the metal creates a whole other dimensions to play with! 

 The black in the table legs enhances the natural features in the timber such as the sap lines and the recycled features. This contrast of materials also creates a statement that timber just cannot make by itself.  

So often in dining table design, the legs are lost under the shadow of the top and the surrounds of the chairs.  Having a strong profile as well as the black color ensures that the legs are not lost but balance out with the top as equals.  

To create this modern industrial look in our dining tables, we have paired either matte black powder coated steel legs that we have fabricated in Melbourne or black painted timber.  As with all of our furniture, the tables are made to order to ensure that the piece is the perfect fit for our clients home and chairs. You can also choose the type of timber that you prefer for the top as well as the level of recycled character. 

Please contact us here if you wish to discuss commissioning Bombora to create a custom or bespoke piece of furniture for your home. Alternatively, you can contact Alison on 0407-906-799.


Alison Collins is the co-creator of Bombora Custom Furniture and in charge of all things other than making furniture!