Gibson Blackbutt sideboard

Tight in grain and creamy light brown in colour, this recycled Blackbutt sideboard is bold and contemporary. Special attention was taken to create a balance between the altering tones of each individual piece of timber used in the door of the piece. 

 The black angled legs ground the light toned carcass which are further linked visually by the dark shadows created on the sliding doors by the slats and finger holes. The legs are constructed from matte black powder coated steel to ensure longevity and to support the weight of the piece whilst maintaining a top heavy aesthetic. 

The position of the shelving is adjustable to allow for alteration of the height and configuration for a perfect fit for your possessions. 

Lower than a traditional sideboard, this piece is versatile for your requirements whether it be dividing up a space or sitting below a windowsill. These dimensions can be customized to fit perfectly in your home.

Finger holes where used rather than handles on this piece to create a streamlined look and as another point of visual interest. 

As this piece is made to order, clients are welcome to specify size, timber type and the character level of the timber. Please contact us here if you wish to discuss commissioning Bombora to create your dream piece of furniture. 


Elina Gault is the admin extraordinaire at Bombora Custom Furniture who's passions are design, travel and creating efficient systems!