Beautiful timber childrens bed - timber single bed frame

When our now 5 year old daughter was ready to move out of her toddler bed into a "big girl bed" she was very fortunate to have a furniture maker for a dad to create her a very beautiful solid timber bed frame. There was much excitement all round at the creation of the design, the choice of the timber and of course the big reveal! 

Longevity of design and construction

When we where designing the king single bed frame for Emma there where several requirements we had.  Firstly, we wanted something with longevity. For us this meant creating a quality piece from solid timber rather than veneer. This ensures that even if it gets scratched or dented in some crazy game of hide and seek, tea party or flying dragons, it is very easily repaired.   Secondly, the style of the bed frame was a very important factor in the longevity of the piece.  It needed to look gorgeous in a little girls room now but also needed to work in a teenagers room as well. The final design took elements from our Zeally Bay bed with the solid head board, the angled tapered legs and timber grain detailing. The timber choice was the beautiful American Oak because of the subtle grain patterns and the lovely ash blonde tone that works so well with the girly colours. 

An natural finish  

The finish is another vital aspect of the bed for us as parents.  It is not necessarily what is in the finish, it is what is not in the finish.  Osmo is a natural oil and wax based product that is non-toxic and approved for children's furniture.  With the ever increasing information out these days about VOC's (volatile organic compounds), it is vital to us that our little princess is sleeping soundly breathing clean air. 

Why should you choose a king single bed for your child?  

One very great piece of advise I got from the fabulous stylist Julia Green from Greenhouse interiors, is to take the plunge and always buy a king single rather than a single bed for your child.  This way the bed frame will last all the way up to the teenage years.   Although your tiny little one will look even tinier in a king single, it makes sense in the long run. 

The size difference between a single bed and a king single mattress is as below in Australia.

Single bed mattress: 915mm wide x 1880mm long

King single mattress: 1070mm wide x 2030 long

Contact us here if you would like to discuss creating a beautiful solid timber children's bed for your little one, we also create custom made bunk beds! 

Alison Collins is the co-owner of Bombora Custom Furniture and in charge of all things other than making furniture!


Image credits - 

1 & 5 -Monika Berry // Geelong Creatives

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