A few pieces of custom recycled timber furniture from the archives!

 Here are a couple of pieces of recycled timber furniture we have created recently that have't made it to our website! The beauty of custom furniture is that you can have something created just for you and your home! 

The Anglesea buffet was designed and built to display at our local timber yard as an example of the complexity, beauty and quality of recycled timber. With its gently tapered legs, contrasting timber tones and hint of 70's cool, this is a great piece of furniture for many areas of the home such as an entrance hallway, boudoir, man men style cocktail lounge or funky dining room. 

70's inspired buffet

Housed in the historic Post Office in Portarlington, this beautiful inbuilt bathroom bench top perfectly brings together the old and the new. Constructed from a seriously chunky piece of Red Iron Bark, the timber brings a warmth to the bathroom that marries together the modern style of the basin and mixer with the heritage features. We ensured that this stunning slab of timber was finished to a silky soft texture whilst maintaining a hard wearing water resistant surface. 

The Marengo Buffet was custom designed for a family who wanted a blend of several pieces from our portfolio to create the perfect piece for their home.  It combines the flowing grains of the Bellbrae, the funky silhouette of the Wye with the functionality of the Aireys.  My favorite feature of this piece is the beautiful and highly featured recycled Messmate that the boys picked out for this piece. 

custom made buffet  recycled timber buffet

If you are interested in commissioning your own piece of custom recycled timber furniture, please contact us here.  


Alison Collins is the Co-Owner of Bombora Custom Furniture and in charge of all things other than making furniture! 


Photography Credit- Paul Brownbridge from Peak Multimedia