Eco-responsible furniture

After having my two children, my awareness of the importance of sustainability and reducing my impact on the planet has grown enormously. In the past, I have bought and thrown out a huge amount of "stuff" without a second of thought on the resources used to make the item and what would happen after it went in the bin. Only now that it is so vital to me that my children and their children will have a world to live in, have I started to stop and think about the purchases that I make and what, as a business, we are creating. 

Timeless design = Sustainable design

At Bombora, we do not want to be trendsetters. Our furniture is designed to be timeless with a simple silhouette that allows the natural timber to be the key design feature of the piece. This simplicity paired with the styling malleability of solid timber ensures that our furniture will always work with current trends as well as our clients personal tastes.  We design our furniture to fit perfectly into the style of our clients homes now as well as for many decades and even generations to come. 

Custom furniture is forever furniture

In my journey of reducing what I buy and throw out, I have realized how important it is to make the right choice when purchasing an item.  Something that is just OK, ticks only some of the boxes or is not of good quality always gets thrown out or just sits around hidden away and unused.  The beauty of custom made furniture is that you get to create something that is perfect for you and your home.  We work with you to design your furniture so that it ticks ALL of your boxes and also has the quality of materials and construction that ensures longevity. 

A natural renovatable finish

Timber has been used in interior design for centuries as it is calming, beautiful and also fixable. Our pieces are created from solid timber with a natural oil and wax finish that is renovatable.  Any small scratches that occur vanish with an application of the maintenance spray.  In the case of more significant damage such as a small child taking to your dining table with a fork, the damage can be spot fixed or the entire surface can be re-sanded and the finish reapplied. 

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