Introducing Bomora's sister company - Zeele

It's official!

With many months in the making and years worth of Luke tinkering with designs, we are so very excited to share with you Bombora's little sister... Zeele!!

The Zeele style

Zeele is a brand new furniture and homewares company built around a bold yet malleable luxe industrial aesthetic. A Zeele industrial dining table is elegant, sophisticated and a foundation piece, just like that wardrobe staple, the little black dress. It is perfectly angled with contrasting materials of timber and matte black steel. It is refined, luxurious and bold. And the best part, as you would expect any sibling would, Zeele shares Bombora's integrity for creating high quality furniture and a love for timber. 

Meet the Zeele artists and makers

When preparing to style the first shoot, it became very clear that in our local Surf Coast community, we are surrounded by many very talented artists, photographers and makers. As well as having an opportunity to showcase their beautiful wares in our imagery, we also wanted to further support their businesses by creating an online platform for our fellow creatives to sell these pieces.  This collection of artworks and prints by our talented artists range from the stunning contemporary bird photography of Amelia Anderson to the vibrant abstract paintings of Rowena Martinich.  

Our selection of decor items created by our talented makers add personality to any space. The beautiful pieces that we have collected such as a colorful pot handmade by Olive Green or a cotton wick candle by Concrete Crush  perfectly complement a Zeele luxe industrial dining table and add an unmistakable touch of luxe. 

Exploring all things luxe, industrial and dining

On the Zeele blog, we will be exploring all things luxe industrial. We will take a journey back through time to examine the evolution of the industrial style and see how the aesthetic is applied in today's restaurant scene throughout our home city of Melbourne and the rest of the world. 

Following a similar theme as our blog, we will be using Zeele's social media platforms such as facebook and instagram to investigate all things luxe, industrial and dining on a daily basis. We will also share our day to day adventures, asking for your feedback on new designs and sharing our latest news. We would love you to be part of the zeele story!

Click the link to find out more about Zeele.