Recycled Messmate timber furniture - The quintessential Australian timber

If I was to choose one timber to encapsulate Australia, it would be recycled Messmate. Its varied tones from warm brown to cream reflect so many of the colours found in a quintessential Australian landscape from a dry grass paddock to the dirt in the outback. The black sap line markings and pockets so typical of this timber tells the tales of the trees struggle for survival in feast, famine, flood and drought. Once lovingly sanded and polished, the silky soft texture of the refined timber reminds me of the other side of Australian life. The modern lifestyle we have all worked together to create as well as the innovation and creativity so ingrained within our culture.

Messmate wood is from a species of Eucalyptus tree called Eucalyptus Obliqua. This is a tree that is widespread through the southeastern regions of Australia and is a prominent tree in the area Bombora calls home. It is tolerant of severe frosts but not drought and can grow up to 90 metres tall.

The colour of the Messmate timber varies from a light to medium dark brown with a peach undertone. The grain patterns are course, straight and occasionally loopy. A classic feature of this timber is lots of black saplines that follow the shape of the grain.

Messmate wood is readily available in recycled form as it has been used in the construction of buildings for many years. The recycled Messmate timber that we use to create our furniture most often had a previous life as the internal structures of a building that has been taken down. Messmate timber is still used today in construction, pulping and plywood.

We love to use recycled Messmate to create furniture as it is so unique and interesting. As each piece is so different, as part of our order process, we get our clients to let us know the level of character that they want in the timber of their piece. Messmate is a timber that suits any style of furniture from classic to contemporary. We fill the sap lines with black resin to extenuate them further and to leave the surface completely smooth.

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