What makes a Bombora timber vanity so special?

Timber is a material unlike any other with its unrivaled uniqueness, aliveness and touch-ability.  A solid timber vanity is a beautiful way of bringing visual warmth and luxury to a traditionally stark space made up of tiles, glass, mirror, stone and concrete.  Timber naturally comes in a variety of tones from the ash blonde of American Oak to the dark chocolate of Walnut, the flowing sap lines of recycled Messmate to the Scandinavian minimalism of Australian Chestnut.  There is a timber that will suit every aesthetic, style and palette. 

Why is a solid timber vanity better than the alternatives? 

 With a quality hardwood vanity, your home is instantly more valuable in comparison to a veneer, melamine or laminate alternative simply because it holds its value.  Over time, the other materials once scratched, stained or water damaged will have to be replaced to look new again.  A solid timber vanity with our natural oil and wax finish is easily repairable. With a coat of the maintenance spray in the case of a minor scratch and a light sand and reapplication of the Osmo Polyx oil in the case of major damage, your vanity will remain looking beautiful for a very long time. 

Why is the quality of construction important in your vanity? 

 The Bombora philosophy of furniture creation is that we build it to last. Our greatest desire is for each and every piece of furniture that we design and create to become a heirloom piece that is passed down to the next generation rather than into hard rubbish. All of our vanities are hand made in Torquay on the Victorian Surf Coast. If you choose the melamine or birch ply internals option, the internal structures are custom made by cabinet makers. If you prefer timber inside and out, the entire piece will be constructed by our team of talented furniture makers. 

Custom is best! 

Every one of our vanities are not only made to order but also designed to order.  In our design process, we collect from you the dimensions of your basin, tap ware and plumbing to personalize the design just for you.  You can choose the look as well as the configuration of your piece such as drawers, cupboards or open shelving. Your vanity is optimized for storage space, is visually balanced and the perfect fit for your space, plumbing and basin.   Not only is your design personalized, you also get to choose the type of timber and the character levels.  Here is a link to the most common types of timber we use to create our furniture. 

Why is an Osmo finish better than polyurethrane (two pack)?

Polyurethrane is a plastic coating that is commonly used to seal timber.  It creates a complete barrier against moisture however, once a scratch occurs on the surface, the barrier is gone and there is no protection against water damage with staining, cracking and lifting of the coating resulting. The only way to fix the problem is to completely sand the surface back to raw timber and start again.  This is not a process that can be done in situ. An Osmo natural oil and wax finish penetrates into the timber as well as creating a resistant barrier on the surface, if minor scratching occurs, the timber is still protected and can be easily fixed with a coat of the spray wax cleaner.  In the case of more major damage, the area needs only a light sand and reapplication of the Osmo Polyx product which is easily applied with a roller and can be done in situ. An Osmo finish also leaves the timber looking and feeling natural with a very touchable silky soft surface. The polyurethane however as it just sits on the surface leaves the timber feeling like plastic. 

Options for internal structures 

We offer three different options for the internal structures of our vanities. Solid timber, Birch ply and melamine. All three choices look exactly the same from the outside but gives our clients options in price point and aesthetic. The internal structures are custom designed and made to ensure that you have the most storage room possible.  We create either u shaped drawers or a small cavity to one side of a drawer depending on where your waste is located. 

Solid timber internals

Solid timber internals

Birch ply internals 

Birch ply internals 

White melamine internals

White melamine internals

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