Reception desks and counter tops

Custom timber cabinetry for commercial spaces


From reception desks to fixed benches and counter tops, we collaborate with all types of establishments to design stand out welcome and service area fittings for commercial spaces. We work closely with you to make sure the result is truly in sync with your vision, the overall design and the functionality of the space. We will design something from scratch, work with your design or alter a Bombora portfolio piece. This piece will then be make by hand in our Torquay workshop and installed for a perfect fit in your space. Our designs are timber focused with attention to detail in selecting and arranging timber sticks to showcase the character and tone of recycled and locally sourced hardwood timbers, our passion at Bombora. Pictured are images from Core Candy, Prahran, a reception desk based on our Belbrae buffet and made from recycled Messmate timber.