Victorian Ash

Medium tone brown timber furniture


Victorian Ash is the trade name at the timber yards for two Australian hardwoods, the Eucalyptus regans and the Eucalyptus delegatensis. These trees and the timbers can also be called Alpine Ash, Mountain Ash and Tasmanian Oak.   This timber, when known as Victorian Ash, originates from Victoria.  The E. delegatensis prefers sub-alpine and temperate regions and can grow to 90m.  The E. regans is one of the tallest trees in the world and the tallest flowering tree reaching heights of 114m. These trees are both very fast growing and resistant to insect attacks. This timber is known for its coarse yet straight grain patterns, frequent fiddleback  markings and gum lines. Victorian Ash timber ranges in colour from a pale pink to yellowish brown.  Timber is best suited to interior applications such as furniture, joinery, flooring an paneling. Because of the range of tones possible with this timber, pieces can be hand picked to be similar or different to create a the desired end look and colour.