Red Iron Bark Furniture

Mixed toned red, brown and cream timber furniture


Eucalypus sideroxylon is more commonly known as Red Iron Bark or MuggaThis species of Eucalyptus is most commonly found in the region from southeastern Queensland, through NSW to the north central parts of Victoria. This is a beautiful tree that is often used for ornamental purposes due to its striking black trunk, bluish green leaves and bright red, pink or white flowers. The timber is difficult to work with due to being is hard and dense but perfect for outdoor applications such as fences, poles, piers, sleepers and ship building.  The sapwood is a distinctive pale yellow whilst the heartwood is a dark red in colour making it possible to see several distinctly different tones in the one stick of timber. The grain of the red iron bark creates beautiful patterns because of its fine and interlocking nature.  Due to its density and durability, red iron bark is suitable for both indoor and outdoor furniture uses.