Solid Timber Vanities - Bringing warmth to your bathroom

Over the last couple of years, floating timber vanities have exploded in popularity and for very good reason. They are seriously beautiful and add such a sense of luxury and comfort to what has previously been such a stark and sterile space. Solid timber is hard wearing, holds its value and has that timeless aesthetic that will ensure that it will always be in style. 

Adding value to your home with a solid timber vanity

Adding a solid timber vanity to your bathroom renovation or new build not only creates a beautiful space to be in, it also increases the value of your home long term.  The nature of solid hardwood timber is that it is hard wearing and with a coat of the spray wax cleaner every so often will only become more lovely with age as a patina develops.  Any wear and tear is reversed with a new coat of the spray wax and in the case of a major scratch, the surface just needs to be sanded and another coat of Osmo Polyx applied.  This is not possible with a laminate, melamine or veneer product! 

Design flexibility is the beauty of a custom timber vanity

Choosing to go down the custom made path when deciding on the vanity for your bathroom ensures that you will get a piece that is the perfect fit for your space, your functional requirements, your plumbing and your style.  

There are a couple of vital functional aspects you need to consider if you are designing your vanity from scratch; what do you want to store / display and how are you going to manage the waste pipes?   Storage options are drawers, cupboards and open shelves all of which have quite different uses.  Drawers are great for the items you want easy access to such as toothbrushes, hair brushes, hair driers and cosmetics.  

Cupboards are great for storing less used items and towels and shelves look beautiful to display your towels and decor items. Using cupboards within the design is a great option to maximize the storage space underneath the basins whilst making an allowance for the waste pipes. There are several other options that we use when designing and building timber vanities for our clients. One is to use a false drawer and the other is to create the drawer boxes with a cut out for the pipes

What is so special about a Bombora vanity?

 All of our vanities, whether is be one of our portfolio designs or a one off piece is customized to suit our clients needs.  We alter the dimensions to suit your space, design the internal structures to suit your plumbing and basins and give you choice in the timber character level. We then create a personalized design drawing so you can see exactly what your vanity is going to look like.

Every aspect of our vanities are created to order in Torquay on the Victorian Surf Coast. 

 Is a solid timber vanity OK in the bathroom?

Solid timber with the right finish is a great option for the bathroom if longevity is important to you.   The finish that we use on our vanities is the same as on our dining tables and kitchen bench tops.  In our house, with two small children, our dining table gets way harder use than our vanity ever does!  We cure the wood using a high performance finish called Osmo which leaves the timber looking and feeling like timber. This is a natural product with oils that absorb into the timber for nourishment and deeper protection with a wax layer that sits on the surface.

One of the best things about this finish is that it is fixable.  If it gets scratched, it is easy to repair unlike other products such as laminex, veneer or epoxy finishes.  Another option that lots of our client are choosing is to use a stone or marble top on the vanity.  We work with a local stone mason who can provide and fit the stone or are very happy to work with our clients preferred supplier. 

Structural requirements for a floating timber vanity

Floating timber vanities are a beautiful addition to any bathroom.  The timber visually softens the harder materials such as the tiles, concrete and mirror and the space underneath makes the space seem larger.   If you are wanting to put a floating vanity in your new home or bathroom renovation, it is important to discuss this with your builder in the early stages of planning to ensure that the necessary support structures are put in to take the weight of the vanity.  This may be putting in additional noggins, a steel support or even changing the design of the bathroom layout to ensure there are 3 walls to attach the vanity to. 

Options for internal structures

We offer 3 different materials to create the internal structures of our vanities. Solid timber, birch ply and melamine. No matter which option you choose, the vanity will look exactly the same from the outside. These alternatives provide a different price point, lead time and aesthetic preference. 

solid timber vanity
custom timber vanity
custom floating timber vanity

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