Osmo Finished furniture

A natural oil and wax finish for timber furniture


At Bombora Custom Furniture, we honor our native Australian timbers by using a finish that brings out the natural beauty of the timber rather than hiding it with a stain.  Osmo is the natural oil and wax finish that we use on all of our furniture that is very hard wearing, easy care whilst being non-toxic and eco friendly.  

A natural looking finish

One of the major advantages that Osmo has over the other furniture finish options is that it keeps the color of the timber very close to its natural tone and does not go orange over time.   It creates a wet look, that enhances the tones and sharpens the grain lines.  On all of our furniture, unless otherwise requested by our clients, we use the Matte product. It is also available in 3 other sheen levels. 

A hard wearing finish

Osmo is a product that is a combination of plant based oils and waxes.  The oils penetrate the timber for nourishment as well as to create a deep layer of protection.  The waxes sit on the surface to create a breathable layer that is resistant to liquids and stains such as wine, coffee and juice. The breathable nature of the finish is vital for the health of the timber and its ability to adapt to the changing moisture content levels in the air.   

A fixable finish

Furniture is meant to be used not just looked at so will inevitably get a scratch or two over time.  Another advantage of an Osmo finish is that it is renovatable.   In the case of a minor scratch, an application of the liquid wax spray or polyx oil will make it disappear before your eyes.  In the case of more major damage, the scratched area can be spot sanded and the finish re-applied.  With other finishes such as a 2-pack polyurethane finish, the whole piece would need to be sanded back and refinished.  

An easy care finish

Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed not spend polishing your furniture......   In an average home, a high use surface such as a dining table only needs a reapplication of the liquid wax spray approximately every 3 months.  This product is in an aerosol can that sprays a thin layer of product on the surface that then only requires to be rubbed in. The surface is best cared for by being cleaned with the wash and care product developed by Osmo.  It can be diluted into a spray bottle and used as often as desired to clean the surface. These products are both available separately or together in the maintenance kit and can be seen in used on this blog post

To stain or not to stain... 

When picking out or designing a new piece of furniture, the colour is a vital factor in that choice.  We know that with the proper advice on timber, you will be able to achieve the look and tones you desire for your home without using a stain!  We advise away from using a stain as it may effect the longevity of the piece by changing colour over time or with exposure to sun light.  If damage does occur to the surface, having a stain applied to the timber may make the surface much more difficult to repair.