Custom made timber vanity

Some modern bathroom designs we love and why solid timber vanities are a beautiful option for every home. 


The bespoke furniture co-creation process

The service we provide to our clients from the invoicing,  information gathering, design, timber selection to the delivery process. 

What size do I need my dining table to be?

How to calculate the size of a dining table for your space as well as the number of people that you wish to seat. 

Descriptions and examples of features in timber

Explanations and images of common natural and recycled character found in timber such as grain patterns, birds eye and sap lines. 


Choosing the perfect dining table

Important aspect to consider when choosing or designing the perfect solid timber dining table are aesthetic, timber, finish and size. 

Natural oil and wax finished furniture

We love Osmo to finish our timber furniture as it is non-toxic, easy care as well as hard wearing whilst leaving the timber with a natural look.