custom timber kitchen bench

Solid Timber Benchtops

Custom timber bench tops and kitchen island cabinetry

Make your kitchen the heart of your home with a custom built recycled timber benchtop. Whether you’re building a new home, or renovating a much-loved space, a solid timber bench top brings a beautiful sense of warmth and luxury to your kitchen. As solid timber benchtops are renovatable, this is a piece with great longevity and timeless style.

recycycled timber bench tops
solid timber benchtops for kitchen and bathroom

At Bombora Custom Furniture, we create timber benchtops for the Melbourne, Geelong and Surf Coast area using recycled wood to ensure our pieces are created in an environmentally sustainable way. Our furniture is built to last and withstand the effects of a well-loved home. As well as strong craftsmanship, we seal all our timber with Osmo – a high performance natural oil and wax that protects the timber from moisture while still being easy to care for. This finish enhances the details of the timber, rather than hide the natural beauty of the wood.

custom made timber bench top
custom kitchen bench top

Collaborative & Custom-Built Timber Benchtop Designs

We’re proud to work closely and collaboratively with our clients so we can best personalise their space. We create out bench tops to the same standard as the rest of our furniture range. To ensure that the benchtop is a perfect fit, we can come out to your home and create a template.

Timber Options

Australian Chestnut timber bech top

Australian Chestnut

Iron Bark

American oak

Wormy Chestnut

Recycled Messmate