Introducing the Jarosite Solid Timber Black Metal Leg Dining Table

Our latest dining table design ‘Jarosite’ features bespoke angled matte black powder coated steel legs with a beautiful, solid recycled Australian Messmate hardwood top. Rich in warm brown and cream tones, recycled Messmate is known for its swirling grains and frequent sap lines making for a character filled timber.  

The Jarosite dining table can also be customised for use as a contemporary outdoor furniture setting or constructed with solid timber angled box legs, see our Jan Juc dining table design.

Past clients have also opted to have the angled black steel hoop legs reversed, see below…

The prototype Jarosite dining table is currently on sale! For more info follow the link!

Introducing the Luna floating TV unit

Introducing the beautiful Luna floating TV unit! The wall hung TV stand style is gaining in popularity because of its modern streamlined aesthetic. With our technology being whittled down to the minimal with smart TV’s and online streaming services, we now have very little to store. This piece of furniture is more often used to store items completely unrelated to the actual TV such as kids toys, magazines or photo albums. It does however create a lovely sense of visual balance in the room as well as creating styling opportunities.

Recycled Messmate timber

This showstopping TV unit is created from stunning sticks of recycled Messmate timber. This is a native Australian hardwood from the Eucalyptus family that grows in the southern states of our fair country. Messmate timber is known for its black saplines and wavy grain patterns. The cream to mid tone brown of the wood ensures that it suits the modern home and many colour palettes. This timber is available both reclaimed and new. The difference in the appearance of these timbers is that the recycled version has telltale signs of its previous life such as nail or bolt holes. The reclaimed Messmate also has more sapline features and varying tones.

Custom TV unit

Every one of our pieces of furniture are made to order to our clients specifications. This means that we will create the TV cabinet to your dimensions, timber of choice as well as the configuration. The design can contain drawers, cupboards, open shelves or a combination. Here is a link to the most common timber types that we use to create our furniture. All of these timbers are finished with a natural matte oil and wax rather than a stain. To ensure longevity, we suggest using a timber that has the natural tone of your desired aesthetic rather than using a stain.

Melamine or solid timber internals

We offer both melamine and solid timber internals to create our TV units depending on desired aesthetic and budget. No matter which option you choose, the cabinet will look exactly the same from the outside.

Timber Vanity Styling by Black Salt Co.

This week the lovely Amber Foster of Black Salt Co. visited the Bombora Torquay showroom as part of our ongoing Geelong & Surf Coast creatives collaboration series. Founded by mother & daughter duo Amber & Jenny Foster, Black Salt Co. stock a beautifully curated selection of coastal inspired, luxe homewares & accessories from artisans around the globe. We loved seeing Amber’s one of a kind, bohemian wares paired with our Kiama & Tathra solid timber bathroom vanities!

Mr Darcy - Modern Round Dining Table with metal legs

The Mr Darcy round dining table is sophisticated yet playful. This table, designed by our head furniture maker Luke Collins, is a modern take on the mid century tapered leg and features a matte black metal spline that feeds into a timber leg.

A round table works beautifully in a square dining room and creates flexibility of seating options. A soft edge is a lovely element to introduce to a space to add visual intrigue.

Each one of our Mr Darcy round tables are made to order therefore are completely customisable. The metal portions are custom fabricated in Melbourne by a small family business with an eye for detail. The timber parts of the dining table are created by our team of furniture makers at our Torquay workshop.

The timber used to create the dining table is up to you. For a modern or luxe industrial aesthetic, recycled Messmate or Wormy Chestnut are great options. For a high contrast contemporary look, the pale ash blonde tones of American Oak timber looks beautiful against the black metal legs. For a darker option, the creamy chocolate colours of American Black Walnut create a truly unique piece of furniture.

Standard number of seats for a round dining table are:

6 seater - 1200mm diameter

8 seater - 1600mm diameter

10 seater - 1900mm diameter - ensure that this size will fit through doorways!

Timber Vanity styling by The Simple Collective

Continuing on with our Geelong & Surf Coast creative collaboration series, we had the lovely Emily Evans of multidisciplinary design studio The Simple Collective visit our Torquay showroom last week. Emily works with her clients to provide thoughtfully considered design solutions using quality, organic materials paired with timeless earthy tones & textures. We loved seeing Emily’s calm & minimal approach to styling our Kiama & Lennox solid timber bathroom vanities!

The light brown tones of the Australian Chestnut timber looked beautiful combined with the subtle neutral tones of the organic pieces that where used to style the vanity.

Modern timber vanity styling and design

To my eye, a bathroom just doesn’t look right unless there is a timber vanity. As a living material, timber creates a beautiful warmth that balances out the other materials such as mirror, ceramic and glass so often used in the space to create that vital sense of luxury. We where so excited to be sent these beautiful images of our Iluka vanity used in a bathroom created by interior designer and stylist Michelle Canny.

Modern bathroom design

We love how Michelle has used a modern colour palette of light and dark grey, black and white which really makes the timber vanity pop. This timeless colour palette is one that is on trend now but will also has that timelessness that ensures it will look great for many years to come. The use of black throughout the space also brings out the black characteristics of the recycled Messmate timber of the vanity.

Custom timber vanity

The beauty of a custom made vanity is that it will be created to your design. Michelle’s clients wanted a very functional combination of drawers and cupboards to ensure they could store everything that they needed to easily in the cabinet. Cupboards are great to store towels as well as larger toiletry items such as hairspray bottles. Drawers are fantastic to easily access all the vital items such as makeup, hairbrushes and hairdryer.

We asked Michelle about her inspiration for this gorgeous space "My clients wanted an en-suite bathroom that was both relaxing and contemporary to fit in with the modern interior style of their home. To create this look I chose the to make the timber vanity the feature and paired this with matte black fittings and fixtures, large format floor and wall tiles in contrasting light and dark tones and a free standing bath under the main window for the ultimate indulgence."

Interior design & styling : Michelle Canny Interiors

Photography : Thorson Photography

Bathroom styling by From Earth

Last week we were lucky to have local florist & botanical alchemist Charlotte of From Earth visit our Torquay showroom as part of our Geelong & Surf Coast creatives collaboration series. In 2017, Charlotte opened the From Earth retail store in Torquay, dispensing her handcrafted wellness tinctures as well as a myriad of beautiful, organic goods & floral arrangements. We were thrilled to see how Charlotte curated & styled her favourite florals / botanical remedies alongside our solid timber bathroom vanities. Dreamy!

Solid Timber Barn Doors

A solid recycled timber barn door is a stylish addition to any room and can be a beautiful & functional way to separate or section off an open plan style living space. Barn doors can be created from a variety of different hardwood timbers to suit any room decor / interior aesthetic. The beautiful warm tones & eye catching gum veins of Australian Recycled Messmate timber (as seen below) compliment a modern-industrial or luxe-beach style home perfectly. A lighter more subtle, ash blonde / straw yellow timber such as American Oak or Australian Chestnut can also work to compliment & accentuate a Scandinavian or Hamptons style decor. Read more about the various types of timber we work with here.

Custom made barn doors

All of our barn doors are made to order to ensure that they are the perfect fit, design and timber for your space. The hardware that you choose also greatly influences the final style of your door. Depending on the colour and design, a metal rail can create a modern, industrial or even farmhouse aesthetic. If you are renovating or building a new home, the runners can be recessed into your ceiling to create a very sleek look.

Bathroom styling by Takeawei

This week we are continuing our series of photoshoots seeing our furniture through the eyes of a creative. We got some serious styling inspiration when we invited local potter & fellow Ashmore Arts dweller Chela Edmunds of Takeawei to dress our Kiama & Tathra timber vanities with a curated selection of her beautiful Takeawei ceramics. Similar to Bombora, each of Chela’s fun & functional pieces are lovingly handcrafted within the Ashmore Arts precinct on the Surf Coast of Victoria! We loved seeing Chela’s soft pastels paired with luscious greens & the creamy tones of Australian Chestnut timber.

Bathroom styling by Otis & Otto

Over the last couple of weeks, we invited some of our favorite local stylists & creatives to visit our showroom & dress our vanities in their own unique style. What I loved seeing was how malleable & versatile each of the vanities appeared regardless of each guests differing style. If you are looking for a timeless aesthetic & quality craftsmanship in your home, then solid timber is the way to go!

Our first guest was the lovely Kirsty Davey from Otis + Otto. Kirsty focuses on sourcing handmade, organic-luxe goods from artisans around the globe for her collection of online curios & wares. Our showroom quickly transformed into a lush green oasis paired with subtle, organic textures & earthy tones. I particularly loved how Kirsty used natural ephemera found in the great outdoors…seed pods, seaweed, tidal detritus etc. to add sculptural elements to the styling. The rich green tones of the indoor plants also complimented the creamy brown tones of the Australian Chestnut timber of our Kiama vanity & shaving cabinet perfectly!

Recycled Messmate timber furniture - The quintessential Australian timber

If I was to choose one timber to encapsulate Australia, it would be recycled Messmate. Its varied tones from warm brown to cream reflect so many of the colours found in a quintessential Australian landscape from a dry grass paddock to the dirt in the outback. The black sap line markings and pockets so typical of this timber tells the tales of the trees struggle for survival in feast, famine, flood and drought. Once lovingly sanded and polished, the silky soft texture of the refined timber reminds me of the other side of Australian life. The modern lifestyle we have all worked together to create as well as the innovation and creativity so ingrained within our culture.

Messmate wood is from a species of Eucalyptus tree called Eucalyptus Obliqua. This is a tree that is widespread through the southeastern regions of Australia and is a prominent tree in the area Bombora calls home. It is tolerant of severe frosts but not drought and can grow up to 90 metres tall.

The colour of the Messmate timber varies from a light to medium dark brown with a peach undertone. The grain patterns are course, straight and occasionally loopy. A classic feature of this timber is lots of black saplines that follow the shape of the grain.

Messmate wood is readily available in recycled form as it has been used in the construction of buildings for many years. The recycled Messmate timber that we use to create our furniture most often had a previous life as the internal structures of a building that has been taken down. Messmate timber is still used today in construction, pulping and plywood.

We love to use recycled Messmate to create furniture as it is so unique and interesting. As each piece is so different, as part of our order process, we get our clients to let us know the level of character that they want in the timber of their piece. Messmate is a timber that suits any style of furniture from classic to contemporary. We fill the sap lines with black resin to extenuate them further and to leave the surface completely smooth.

Interested in creating a piece of furniture from recycled Messmate timber? Contact us via the button below!

Solid timber joinery project - Bayside Melbourne

We where very fortunate to be involved in a clients renovation project last year of their gorgeous home in a bayside suburb of Melbourne. After many years in the space and the arrival of a couple of children, the clients where ready to undertake a huge renovation to increase the size of their home and to truly make it their own.

Solid timber kitchen cabinetry

The largest part of this project for us was to create a solid timber kitchen that was both functional and beautiful. The recycled Messmate timber used to create this kitchen cabinetry is a beautiful warm brown tone with lots of lovely sap lines. The cabinetry was created so that a single piece of timber went across the whole face of the wall of cupboards creating a beautiful flow. The island bench featured a bookcase at one end to store and display lots of beautiful items.

Solid timber bathroom vanities

The timber theme of the kitchen cabinetry was continued into the bathroom. The two bathrooms and powderroom all had custom made timber vanities. To maximise storage in the family bathroom, an asymmetrical vanity was create to make use of every bit of space. This freestanding corner vanity combines drawers with open shelving for display. In the powder room, a small vanity was created to the exact profile of the basin to mimimise the impact of the cabinetry on the space.

Solid timber laundry cabinetry

The timber joinery theme continues in to the laundry with lots of storage. As this room is visible from the kitchen, the same design concept was continued. The homeowners very carefully considered what function they required for the storage so that no space was wasted. Our job was to take these functional requirements and make the joinery look beautiful. The recycled Messmate timber used in the cabinetry continues with the flowing grains across the wall of cupboards.

Bay window seating joinery

The clients included in their design a modern bay window with bench seats and integrated storage to make the most of an unusually shaped space. This area has been converted to the ideal craft corner and breakfast nook. The design features black faced ply and recycled Messmate timber. The lift up lids creates lots of useful storage space below.

Have some solid timber projects at your home? We would love to discuss your ideas and put together an obligation free quote.

What size do I need my dining table to be?

Choosing the right dining table size is important in creating visual balance in a room, allows for good flow of traffic around the table and also to creates a comfortable dining experience. 

The basics in dining table size 

Allow 600mm per person depending on the style of your chairs

Allow an additional 600-800mm to the length of the table if you want seats at the ends to allow for leg room

Add in the length and width of the legs to the length and width of the table respectively

Allow a minimum of 800mm between the table and any obstructions in the room such as walls or furniture

Allow a minimal width of 1050mm

Allow a maximum of 1800mm between the table and the nearest wall or piece of furniture

Square dining table sizes

6 seater square  1100-1400mm 

8 seater square  1400-1600mm


Rectangular dining table sizes

6 seater rectangular 1600 - 1800mm (2 people either side and one either end)

8 seater rectangular 2100 - 2400 (3 people either side and one either end)

10 seater rectangular 2600 - 3000 (4 people either side and 1 at either end)

12 seater rectangular 2600 - 3000 (4 people either side and 2 at either end)

Round dining table sizes

To work out the number of seats for a round requires a little more complex calculations! Take the diameter is mm, times by 3.144 then divide by 600 depending on how much space you want for each person. Add additional space for each person depending on how far you want to be able to push your chairs in. 

6 seater - 1200mm diameter

8 seater - 1600mm diameter 

Here are a couple of other factors to consider when deciding on a table size

What chairs do you have?

It is a good idea to measure your chairs as factors such as arm rests, an extra long seat or wide back can mean that you need to be a little more generous with the table size.  If it is important to you aesthetically to be able to fully push all of your chairs in when not in use then knowing the size of your chairs is even more important. 

What leg design are you thinking about?

The location and size of the dining table legs needs to be considered when working out the size of dining you need for the number of seats. If the legs are in the corners, like with the Torquay Point,  they have little effect on the size unless of course they are quite chunky! If the legs of you table are a box leg like our Sunnymead or Winkipop dining then the legs either need to be set back from the edge if you want someone to sit at them or add a little extra length to enable seats on either side.  A refectory leg design like the Rincon is another way of getting around this. 


Another important factor consider in the design and size of your dining table is the access to your dining room. A rectangular shape tends to be the most movable with the the round and square limited in size by the door frames. If you have winding stairs or tight corridors, this also can make installation much more challenging or impossible. 

What is the ideal table width?

The ideal table width is established by the table setting space needed by each person and then the shared space in the middle for such things as serving dishes, condiments as well as decor items such as flowers or candles. The minimal depth that fits in the plate, cutlery, wine and water glass is around 450mm.  If you want a shared space in the middle of the table, this should ideally be around 250-300mm to fit in platters, bowls etc but can be as little as 150mm as you can squeeze things between glasses.  This makes the minimal dining table width at 1050mm and ideal at 1200mm. 

What is the perfect size dining table for the dimensions of your dining room?

The first thing that you have to do is get out a measuring tape and work out the dimensions of the space.  The basic rules are this:

Leave a minimum of 800mm between the table and any obstructions such as a wall, piece of furniture, fireplace or door.

 The ideal distance to create an elegant look is 1200mm.   

Leave a maximum distance between the table and the nearest wall or piece of furniture to 1800mm otherwise use a larger table to create better visual balance as well as seat another person!

This also works in reverse if you have found your dream dining table and you want to design a new or existing space around this dining table. 

Introducing the Kiama timber vanity with open shelf

Timber vanities continue to be the hottest trend in bathroom design. The natural warmth and texture of the wood creates a beautiful sense of balance when juxtaposed with the other materials of mirror, glass and tile commonly found in the space.

The Kiama vanity design came about a couple of years ago when collaborating with a client to create several vanities for her home in Melbourne. She wanted drawer storage but also a display shelf for practical styling whilst making her large vanities not too overwhelming in the space. As you can see in the image below, the final result was a very stunning bathroom!

To choice of timber used to create the bathroom vanity greatly influences the aesthetic of the space. Using a recycled Messmate as in the image above when paired with concrete, grey tiles and black tapware creates a modern, edgy and organic style.
In you are wanting to create a Hamptons or Scandinavian aesthetic however, a timber with more of a consistent blonde tone and minimal feature such as American Oak or the Australian Chestnut as below is the perfect choice.

The Australian Chestnut timber used to create the vanity below is from a combination of several species of Eucalyptus. The wood has a lovely creamy blonde tone and is hand selected at the timber yard to have minimal sap line features. The tight grain patterns on the wood creates an interesting yet subtle feature. This timber tone works beautifully with a range of colour schemes in the bathroom such as white, grey, black and even pastels.

As with all of our bathroom vanities, each piece is both designed and made to order. This means your vanity will be made at the exact dimensions you need for your space. In the design process, we gather from you the details of your plumbing requirements and basin. From this information, we design and then create the internal structures just for you to allow for the plumbing whilst maximising the storage space.

Also customizable in our bathroom vanities is the materials used to create the internal structures of the piece. These options are solid timber, birch ply and melamine. This choice comes down to personal preference and budget however all options will look exactly the same from the outside. To see all three options, follow this link!

Want to chat about your project? Call Alison on 0407906799 or use the contact form found in the link below.

Timber joinery project - Connewarre

We where very fortunate to recently be invited into our clients newly completed home to see how everything had come together. This stunning home is designed by the very talented team at Auhaus Architecture and is amazing in every way! From the grand yet secluded enterance to the courtyard pool and the green lightwell, everything is designed with great thought and style. All of the finishes are on trend, ultra high end with a great attention to detail. It was so lovely to see our timber joinery pieces in this beautiful space!

Our client designed the interior of their home with a palette of polished concrete, white, black, brass and of course timber. These materials work so well together and as these elements where repeated throughout the entire home, there was a beautiful sense of flow. The client chose to use a medium feature recycled Messmate for their timber joinery pieces. This ensured that the black sapline features tied in with the black elements in the rooms whilst not over powering the design.

Custom floating TV cabinet

A large space calls for a large piece of furniture to create balance. This beautiful open plan living room and kitchen has lots of space to fill! We created a bespoke timber floating TV unit to the clients design with spaces to both store items and display treasures. The push to open cupboards create a modern streamlined look with plenty of space to hide away items.

Timber walk in robe

To continue the wood theme into the master suite, all of the joinery was created from solid timber. This includes the epic walk in robe, wardrobes and a lowboy. In so many bedroom designs, the cabinetry is hidden away from sight as it adds nothing to the design. In this space however, the robe is the hero! The client also wanted some design features to showcase treasured items and plants.

Inbuilt timber desk

A solid timber desk makes sitting down to get some work done, clean up some life admin or get stuck into the homework that little bit more enjoyable! I am lucky to have a beautful timber desk to work on in the office and I quite often find myself mindlessly stairing at an interesting piece of character in the timber or running my hand over the smooth finish. It is these small joys that make a big difference in life!

Timber vanities

This beautiful home has a total of 5 bathrooms with 5 stunning timber vanities! The warm tone of the recycled Messmate timber creates a beautiful sense of balance with the concrete, dark grey tiles, white walls and glass in the bathroom decor. Each floating vanity was designed and made to order so that it was perfect for the design and space of each bathroom.

Custom timber dining table

The perfect finishing touch to this home is a large 10 seater dining table created from recycled Messmate timber. The angled box legs on the Jan Juc table design creates an ultra modern look with that ultimate sense of timelessness that will ensure it will always be in style. The Messmate timber of this dining table is a beautiful mid tone brown with black features such as sap lines and pockets.

Want to discuss your ideas for timber joinery in your home? Contact us via the link below!

Ordering your new timber vanity

Thank you for choosing Bombora to create a bespoke timber vanity / vanities for your home! We look forward to collaberating with you to create your prefect pieces. In this blog post, we answer some of our clients most commonly asked questions after they have chosen to work with us!

The order form

The online order form, sent through to you on emial, confirms that the information on your invoice is correct and also collects vital details from you about your timber and waste hole locations. We need all of this information before we put together your design drawings. We need the drawings approved by you at least 5 weeks prior to your estimated completion date to ensure that we have all of the componants ordered and ready to go.

There is some details that you will need to have confirmed prior to filling out this form.

  • The exact dimensions of your vanity. This includes the height, depth and width. We understand that these sometimes change slightly through the building process. We can have estimates of dimensions to start the design drawings however we will need the confirmed dimensions at least 5 weeks prior to starting production.

  • The colour and thickness of your stone if you have chosen this option for the bench top.

  • Your choice of basin and tapware if the tap is going through the bench top

  • The position that the basin and tap will sit on your vanity top. Please see the image below for an example of what we require

What is a waste hole location drawing?

In the waste hole location drawing, we find out from you the exact location of the waste hole/ holes and also the diameter of these holes. You can find the information on the required waste hole diameter in the specification documentation that comes with your basin and tap. Below is an example of a drawing.

Julie and Paul Evans waste drawing.jpg

What to tell your plumber

As all of our vanities are made to order to your specifications, there is no standard setout that is required for the plumbing. Your plumber will be able to use the waste location drawing to determine where to rough in the pipes in conjunction with information from you on the location of your vanity on the wall.

We allow a 100mm clearance around the waste hole location to fit the pipes. This clearance is either a u shaped drawer or a cavity. In the case of a cavity, the dividing section of timber is designed to be removed to make installation of the pipes easier.

What to tell your tiler

Ideally, your tiling would be completed after your vanity has been installed. This allows the tiler to bring the tiles to the top and sides of the vanity then silicone the join. Occasionally because of timing, this is not possible. In this circumstance, a template at the dimensions of the vanity can be attached to the wall as in the image below. We suggest leaving the wall surface where the vanity is to be attached free of tiling. This is because it makes it very challanging for your builder to find the studs once there are tiles on the plaster and drilling through the tiles can crack them.

tiling with template image.JPG

In the case of three walls

If your vanity is to be attached to three walls, we recommend that you provide us with a template of the bench top as walls are not always straight!

Delays in building schedule

We have been a part of enough builds and renovations to know that delays happen. If you are running behind schedule, we can move the production of your pieces back to when you will be ready to recieve the delivery.

Estimated completion date

Please note that the date you where supplied as your completion date is an estimate only. As we create everything by hand, there can occasionally be unexpected delays. The estimated completion date for production not the delivery. As deliveries are completed by external companies, we are only able to advise you of their delivery date once the booking has been made. We have several different companies that we work with for the deliveries and send the item with the company that will get it to you first.

If you have any queries, you can contact Alison on 0407 906 799 or Luke on 0437 748 828.

Timber bathroom vanities with customisable internals

Solid timber vanities continue to be the hottest trend in bathroom design. The natural warmth of the wood creates a sense of balance when juxtapositioned against the harder materials traditionally used in the space. With so many different colour and textures options available in natural timber, there is a wood to suit every aesthetic. 

We are now very excited to be offering our clients two different material options for the internal structures of our vanities. Solid timber and melamine.  No matter which option you choose, your vanity will look exactly the same from the outside. As long as the maintinence spray wax as reapplied every few months, both options are just as resistant to humidity and water spills. The choice comes down personal preference and price point! 

At Bombora, we pride our selves in custom building and designing our vanities. This means that we personalise the design of each vanity to ensure that the piece is the perfect fit aesthetically as well as functionally for you. You can choose every aspect of the design from the size, to the timber type and configuration.  We then create the internal aspects of the vanity to suit what you need. This way you don't have to compromise on design just to find a vanity that will fit into your bathroom and plumbing! 

White Melamine Internals

Solid Timber Internals

We would love to hear about your project! Please contact us via the link below. If you would like to speak to us in person and view our work, you can arrange an appointment at our showroom and workshop in Torquay.



Introducing the Addis timber bathroom vanity

The Addis timber bathroom vanity is modern, refined yet effortlessly cool. This contemporary design is perfect to create that sought after luxury spa feel.  The Addis floating vanity has been hand crafted by our talented furniture makers from solid recycled Messmate timber. The high feature level of this native Australian timber ensures that every piece is unique with its own grain patterns.  

The design brief from our client for this custom made vanity was to create a piece that would tie in with their on trend black tapware and modern organic aesthetic. The piece needed to have plenty of drawers as there was no other storage space in the bathroom. The black stained timber shadow lines serves both a visual and functional purpose. The colour enhances the black saplines within the timber and acts as a frame that draws the eye for that ultimate WOW experience. The shadow line is also recessed to allow for subtle finger holds that ensures a sleek look to the piece by removing the need for handles. 

The Addis vanity has been crafted by our furniture makers with mitre joints that waterfall down the sides of the shell for a seamless look and flow of grain.  The drawer fronts have been created so that the grain patterns glide across the front of the piece. 

In a family home, the bathroom tends to get harshly treated by the younger members. With small children of our own, it is vital to us that the finish on the timber externally and internally is up to the rigors of everyday use. We use a quality, high performance oil and wax product that protects the timber from water whilst enabling it to breath. This finish is easy to care for and most importantly, is renovatable. This fixable feature ensures that your vanity has the longevity to last for decades with a minimal about of care as any wear and tear can be easily repaired. Here is more information on this finish. 

With the Addis bathroom vanity, you have the option of either a Birch ply or solid timber internal structure and drawer boxes to be used in the creation of your vanity. Other than the visual appeal, these materials are hugely more environmentally friendly in comparison to other options such as Melamine. As the timber on the internals has been finished with the same product as the exterior, it has the same resistance to water ensuring longevity. 

Our 1800mm showroom Addis solid timber bathroom vanity with black melamine internal structures is currently on sale for $3,295 (RRP $3,895). Visit the Bombora online shop here for more details.




Osmo - A fixable timber finish creating sustainable furniture

  Our love affair with Osmo began about 4 years ago with the promise of a finish that would leave timber looking and feeling like real timber.  Over these last few years, we have discovered many other things to love about Osmo such as the fact that it protects the wood really well, it is easy to maintain and food safe which is especially important if you have little people eating at your dining table. With our gaining awareness of sustainability and making eco-responsible purchases, it is the longevity of the furniture provided by this finish that has become its most valuable feature. 

Why is a finish needed?

Any wood used to create a piece of furniture needs to be finished or cured to protect the timber and nourish it.  The finish creates a barrier to protect the timber from absorbing liquids otherwise it becomes damaged and discolored. Even water left on raw timber can damage the surface by causing the timber to swell.  As timber expands and contracts with the changing environmental temperatures and moisture levels, it requires nourishment to ensure it is flexible.  If the timber becomes too dry, it starts to get brittle and splits.  

Deeper Protection

Finishes such a two - pack create an impenetrable barrier against liquids and stains. This is all good an well until there is a scratch or wear and tear.  As the barrier is just sits on the top of the timber, as soon as it is damaged, any liquids and stains will go straight into the raw timber.  The benefit of an Osmo finish however is that it forms two levels of protection with the oils penetrating into the timber and the waxes sitting on the top. If there is damage to the top layer of the finish, the deeper layers of the timber are protected by the oils to avoid permanent damage to the timber. It is also these penetrating oils that nourish the timber to ensure that it is adaptable. 

A repairable surface is the ultimate sustainability

It has always been our mission to create furniture for our clients with the longevity of design and construction that will see it last for decades.  Our motivation for this is to contribute in our own small way to reduce landfill and the resources that would be used to create a replacement. We ensure longevity by using the best quality timber, glues, fillers, finish and construction methods. With Osmo, it is not only a high performance finish that prevents damage occurring in the first place, it also is repairable. In the case of a small scratch, an application of the maintenance spray will quickly make it disappear before your eyes and keep the wood protected.  With larger damage such as a jar of beetroot sauerkraut with juices gathered around the bottom left on a dining table top overnight (yep, Ill blame that on baby brain), the surface can be either spot sanded or resurfaced with the finish reapplied.  This means that a piece of Osmo finished furniture can last indefinitely and still look as beautiful as when it was new!

Ease of maintenance 

With our busy lives these days, many clients have been concerned about the maintenance of a natural oil and wax finished piece of furniture.  They didn't want to add another task to their already long to do list. With Osmo, the care of the finish is very quick and simple.  For a heavy use piece such as a dining table, timber vanity or kitchen bench top, the wash and care product can be made up in a spray bottle and used every day to clean the surface as required.  Every 3 months or so for a high use piece of furniture, the spray wax cleaner which contains some of the original finish, needs to be applied to refresh the finish and ensure that it is still a barrier.  This can go out to 6 months or a year for surfaces that are not often wiped. 

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Whats been happening at the workshop this month??

As per usual, it has been a very busy month for us here at Bombora.  We have been completing several large jobs in both commercial and residential spaces which became a game of tetras to fit all the finished pieces around the workshop before the installations! Winter has truly set in for us here on the Victorian Surf Coast with some very chilly mornings and a fire at lunch time a must to warm frozen fingers.  The cooler weather however has brought some very awesome surf which has delighted several members of our team! 

Floating timber vanities 

Our very lovely client sent us this photo of her beautiful bathroom once the timber vanity was installed. This whopper is 2.6m in length and is created from solid recycled Messmate timber. The recycled markings and grain patterns of the timber work beautifully with the subtly textured grey tile in this modern rural property.  I can wait to see the rest of the photos once the remaining 4 vanities from this project are installed! 

8bit cafe Melbourne CBD

We loved working with the designer on another awesome commercial fit out of the 8bit burger cafe in Little Collins Street Melbourne!  We created the timber aspects of the beautiful design such as the table tops, bench seats and the curved bench top.  I look forward to checking out the burgers once it is all completed!

Werribee project 

We have been creating lots of custom joinery pieces for this beautiful home in Werribee over the last 6 months such as the solid timber front door, floating vanities as well as inbuilt beds and wardrobes. Using timber in multiple areas of the interior design of a home creates a cohesiveness and flow throughout the space.  The combined bed, bedsides and storage unit created from American Oak timber has created such a clean aesthetic in this bedroom where everything can be neatly tucked away in its place! 

Industrial dining table

This very special dining table was created for a clients brand new home.  This design is from our new industrial dining table brand Zeele and is named Mr Collins as the very first version was made for our own home! This table has daringly angled matte black metal legs and a beautiful recycled Messmate timber top!  

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