Do you freight Australia wide?

Yes, we do freight Australia wide. We pass the cost directly onto the customer and therefore do not have a set rate as we want to keep it as affordable as possible. Please contact us to organise a quote. More information on our delivery services and a price guide are available here.

Do you deliver to Melbourne?

Yes, we deliver to Melbourne for $350 for our standard delivery service. Delivery costs include 2 men to move your piece into your house as well as insurance. We also offer a gold and premium delivery service.

Pricing variations

Pricing is calculation by the timber costs and the estimated build time. Timber costs vary due to thickness, length, timber type and rarity. Build time costs are effected by several factors. Some timber is harder to work than others due to density and hardness making the sanding and finishing time longer. Timber that is heavy and in long pieces can require more than one man to work on it at a time and also extra time to engineer the piece together. A dining table top can take a lot longer to prepare than other finishes as each gap is filled with epoxy resin to ensure there are not little holes for crumbs to get stuck in. A piece with lots of intricate angles, joints, drawers and hidden compartments takes longer to build than a simple design.

Where is your timber sourced?

We tend to use local timber yards close to us in Torquay to save on travel time and miles. This also means that clients are able to meet Luke out at the yard and hand pick their timber. This is reclaimed timber that has been ‘dressed’. This means that all the nails and other bits of hardware have been removed and been cut to a uniform size. We buy our timber in pack lots when we find some that suits our particular needs and aesthetic. This means that all the timber in the pack is from the same source making it have a similar look as it would have originally be sourced from the same part of the forest.

Why do you choose the timber you do?

The Bombora aesthetic is using timber full of character and real wood features. Recycled timber is more likely to be naturally grown and be full of variance of grain, tone and sap lines as it is slow growing and effected by the natural changes in environment. Timber grown in plantations tends to have a more uniform and strait grain pattern, less sap lines and knots. Recycled timber often has features such as iron staining from old nail and bolt holes and tiger grain patterns from being exposed to the elements which adds an individuality to a piece that is not able to be reproduced. We prefer to use our local reclaimed Australian hardwoods such as Messmate, Victorian Ash, Jarrah and Tasmanian Oak to save on travel miles and reduce environmental effects.

What if I want to use timber with low features?

As part of the consultation process, we will find out what look you are wanting for the timber on your piece. This includes such things as the variance in tone, uniformity of grain pattern, sap lines, recycled features etc. We also have the option of using new and sustainable harvested timber that tends to have more consistent grains and less natural features.

Do you do home visits?

Yes, we do provide a service to potential clients within the local area of the Surf Coast and greater Geelong to come to your home to advise you on such things as design and suitable dimensions for you space. We can come to areas further away such as Melbourne and the Bellarine peninsula but charge a fee of $150 that is taken off your deposit if you decide to commission a piece.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes. To secure your place within the queue, we require a 50% of the total cost of your order as a deposit.

What is your lead time?

Our lead time tends to be around 8-12 weeks but this is depended on what jobs we have going at the time. This tends also to stretch out leading up towards Christmas. Please feel free to contact us to find out our current lead time.

Do you use a stain?

Not often. We use natural finishes of oil and wax to bring out the tone and features of the wood and protect the timber.

Do you have a showroom?

Yes we have a showroom located next to our workshop in Torquay on the Victorian Surf Coast. Making an appointment is recommended to ensure that we are available to meet with you. We are open every day and occasionally on a Saturday.

Do you accept credit cards? 

Yes, we do accept credit cards but they incur a fee of 1.8% for Mastercard and Visa and 2.85% for AMEX.