Custom Made Furniture

refined recycled timber custom made furniture


At Bombora, we create custom made furniture with a timeless aesthetic that celebrates the beauty of our native Australian recycled timber. Each piece is made to order to ensure that our clients have a forever piece that is uniquely them. The quintessential Bombora piece has a silhouette of strait lines that lets the texture, flowing grains and striking sap lines of the recycled timber be the unique feature of the piece.  

With a piece of custom made furniture from Bombora, you choose every aspect of the design from the dimensions, to the timber type and character level to the look and feel.  Aside from the usual timber dining tables, outdoor tables, coffee tables, TV cabinets and sideboards, we create a range of other items such bedstimber vanities and inbuilt cabinetry. As timber is such a tactile medium, we love to show potential clients the current projects at our workshop in Torquay, 1.5 hours from Melbourne.