Messmate Timber Furniture 

character filled hardwood furniture 


Messmate is otherwise known as Eucalyptus obliqua and is often grouped with Tasmanian Oak and Victorian Ash at the timber yard.  This species is widespread in the southeastern regions of Australia that can hardily withstand severe frosts but not drought.  The Eucalyptus Obliqua species can grow up to 90m tall and grows in a wide range of soils. The colour of the Messmate timber ranges from a pale brown to light yellow with a hint of peach. A quintessential piece of Messmate timber is heavily featured with gum veins, well defined rings and a course grain. Other than in furniture making, Messmate has a range of uses in construction, protected outdoor usage, pulping and plywood. This is the main type of timber that we use to build furniture at Bombora Custom Furniture.