Maintenance of timber furniture

Our aim at Bombora Custom Furniture is to create something that will be a treasured part of your family home for many years to come.  To ensure the timber lasts the test of time, a coat of wax needs to be occasionally applied.  The wax acts to protect the timber against spills by creating a water resistant barrier.  Please however ensure that these spills are quickly mopped up to prevent it seeping through.  The wood responds to its surrounding environment by expanding and contracting. The wax also nourishes and feeds the timber itself ensuring that the surface is able to adapt to changes such as air conditioning, heating, direct sunlight and humidity. The added bonus to all this care and attention is that the appearance and feel of the timber improves over time with a lovely patina developing.  Click through to here to get the step by step instructions of how to apply the furniture wax. 

For those of you who have doors on your piece of furniture, over time with usage, the hinges can become slightly out of alignment.  As many of our designs have the timber grain and sap lines running across the piece, this change is more visible than in other parts of your home such as your kitchen cabinets.  We have put together a short instructional video that takes you through step by step how to simply adjust the hinges yourself. The link is at the bottom of the customer service page found here


Alison Collins is the co-owner of Bombora Custom Furniture and in charge of all things other than making furniture!