4 door Messmate buffet with legs

This gorgeous custom made Messmate sideboard has been one of Luke’s most popular designs to date!  We have made this piece many times over with each piece that leaves the workshop distinctively different due to the clients specific dimensions and tastes in timber type, tone and character level.

This particular version is made from highly featured Messmate with all the timber pieces chosen of a similar tone. The timber also has a high feature level of natural and recycled characteristics such as grain patterns, sap lines and pockets.

The timber that was chosen for the shell of this piece is rich in the typical wormy chestnut characters of lots of little specks. This followed on with the high level of character theme for this piece but still differentiated the shell from the door panels.

In this image the old nail holes are visible with some staining from the iron.  We fill all the holes with epoxy resin so that the piece feels silky smooth and there is no areas that gather dust or crumbs.

The majority of all of our pieces are constructed from solid recycled hardwood. This includes the doors and the shelves.  We do use a top quality ply for the back of our cabinets as it reduces the weight and cost of the piece without any change in visual impact.  Bracing is put into the doors to increase strength and top quality hinges are used.

Hidden recessed finger holds are used for this piece to create a streamlined look for the doors.

This version below was constructed from timber that was much cleaner with very few recycled and natural features in the door panels.  The timber was also laid out in order of tone from lightest at the top to darkest down the bottom.

The shell of this piece was also highly featured but using more typically Messmate timber.  You can also see the box joints used in the shell that exposes the more dense end grain.

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Photography thanks to Paul Brownbridge / peakmultimedia.com.au