Recycled Blackbutt Timber Furniture

On a Sunday night we are partial to flicking over to channel 9 to watch “the block” room reveal for a little bit on inspiration for our soon to start house build.  Its great to get some ideas on whats hot right now in interior design.  We are very glad to see that trends seem to be following our own personal “lux industrial” aesthetic of pairing timber and concrete with splashes of color. The style of the ‘super K’s’ would be the most similar to ours with their tasteful use of timber paneling getting my mind ticking over how we can create a similar look in our house.

Kyal of the “super K’s” coined the expression “when in doubt, use Blackbutt” which we will Bomboraize to “when in doubt, use Timber” just as long as it is recycled, Australian and sustainable of course!  Here are a couple of examples of some of our custom furniture pieces using Blackbutt timber.

This is a custom made entertainment unit at 800mm is higher than what most people want so could also be used as a buffet or sideboard.  As everything we do is custom and made to order, we can adapt this design to your particular tastes and size requirements.


The beautiful and chunky legs of this piece are recycled Blackbutt with lots of character from its past life as a bridge.

Here is another entertainment unit or TV stand constructed from Blackbutt. The main feature of this piece is the beautiful Blackbutt legs.  This timber has also seen a lot of weather creating the distinctive tiger pattern on the legs.

The iron bolts that were in the timber created staining that leached its way through the timber.

The Blackbutt timber when finished with oil and wax has a beautiful rich warm brown colour and a tight grain as a result of being a slow growing tree.

For more information on either of these pieces or to discuss commissioning Bombora to design and build your next piece of furniture, please contact us.

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