Custom made bedside tables

An often forgotten piece of furniture is the bedside table.  As is commonly the way with the final touches to a room, the bedside tables is a piece that can either tie the whole design together or make it fall in a heap.   This humble piece of furniture has so many options for both function and form from a simple u shape or box, to a mini dining table all the way up to a multi drawer super storage showstopper. As well as creating a matching set, we also love to work with our clients to create pieces that work beautifully with their existing bed.  

american oak bedside table


Things to consider when designing your bedside table


What do you plan to store in or on your bedside table and what would work best to house these in?  Drawers, a cupboard, a shelf, a combination or no storage at all?  



Do you want your bedside tables to be a feature of the space or to blend in with the bed and other furnishings?  To make a piece of furniture stand out in a space, consider aspects like size, using contrasting materials, feature filled timber and color to really make it pop.  



As they say, storage is king. We have had several clients in the past who where space deficient and needed to make the most of each opportunity for storage.  The beside tables that we created for these clients ended up being mini low boys to fill up all the available space whilst maintaining the right proportions to be aesthetically pleasing.  



Height is a very important dimensions to consider for a bedside table and it all comes down to personal preference of whether you like  the height to be the same as, lower or higher than your mattress. I personally like it to be just higher than the mattress for ease of accessing my phone or book without the treat of accidentally falling out of bed.  


Below are some examples of mainly recycled timber bedside tables we have created for clients. 


Please contact us here if you wish to inquire about commissioning Bombora to create some custom bedside tables for your home!  Alternatively, you can contact Alison on 0407-906-799.


Alison Collins is the co-creator of Bombora Custom Furniture and in charge of all things other than making furniture!