South Melbourne project | custom timber cabinets and joinery

As well as making beautiful pieces of custom timber furniture for our clients, we also love creating solid timber joinery and cabinets. To me, great interior design is when each room feels new and true to the inhabitants whilst tying in with the rest of the house.  Timber is a subtle and timeless way of achieving this continuity and personality throughout your home whilst introducing a visual warmth and softness that is very appealing to the eye.  As well as solid timber having an aesthetic timelessness and styling malleability, it is also hard wearing, sustainable and renovatable making its longevity a thrifty choice when compared with other materials used to create cabinetry. 

South Melbourne Project

We recently completed a large project in South Melbourne creating multiple pieces of recycled timber joinery and furniture for our clients renovation. The palette for the design of the space is polished concrete, white walls, black highlights and recycled timber cabinetry and joinery. In nearly every room of the house there is a wooden element created from the same recycled Messmate timber

custom solid timber joinery

Open Plan Kitchen | Living room 

In the large open plan kitchen and living area, the recycled Messmate timber joinery ties in beautifully with the furniture to create a cohesive space.  The built in entertainment unit spans from one end of the room to the other creating a sense of warmth in the large space that balances the harder materials of the polished concrete and metal window frames. This is an aesthetic that we absolutely love and would describe as luxe industrial.  The same recycled Messmate timber is then used on the doors and drawers of cabinets in the kitchen.  The final element to finish off the space is a bespoke Southside dining table with its matte black metal legs and recycled timber top. 

in built tv unit
timber kitchen drawers and doors Melbourne

Bathroom and Powder Rooms

Recycled Messmate joinery has been used in all of the bathrooms and powder rooms in the South Melbourne house to create the floating timber vanities. These pieces reflect elements of the design of the cabinetry in the Kitchen and living areas to create a flow throughout the home.  Stone is used for the tops of these vanities however solid timber is also a very functional choice if preferred. The mirrors in all of the bathrooms are surround in the same recycled Messmate timber.  

Please contact us here if you wish to discuss using solid timber joinery or furniture in your project with us. 


Alison is the co-owner of Bombora Custom Furniture and is in charge of all things other than making furniture!