Introducing the Kiama timber vanity with open shelf

Timber vanities continue to be the hottest trend in bathroom design. The natural warmth and texture of the wood creates a beautiful sense of balance when juxtaposed with the other materials of mirror, glass and tile commonly found in the space.

The Kiama vanity design came about a couple of years ago when collaborating with a client to create several vanities for her home in Melbourne. She wanted drawer storage but also a display shelf for practical styling whilst making her large vanities not too overwhelming in the space. As you can see in the image below, the final result was a very stunning bathroom!

To choice of timber used to create the bathroom vanity greatly influences the aesthetic of the space. Using a recycled Messmate as in the image above when paired with concrete, grey tiles and black tapware creates a modern, edgy and organic style.
In you are wanting to create a Hamptons or Scandinavian aesthetic however, a timber with more of a consistent blonde tone and minimal feature such as American Oak or the Australian Chestnut as below is the perfect choice.

The Australian Chestnut timber used to create the vanity below is from a combination of several species of Eucalyptus. The wood has a lovely creamy blonde tone and is hand selected at the timber yard to have minimal sap line features. The tight grain patterns on the wood creates an interesting yet subtle feature. This timber tone works beautifully with a range of colour schemes in the bathroom such as white, grey, black and even pastels.

As with all of our bathroom vanities, each piece is both designed and made to order. This means your vanity will be made at the exact dimensions you need for your space. In the design process, we gather from you the details of your plumbing requirements and basin. From this information, we design and then create the internal structures just for you to allow for the plumbing whilst maximising the storage space.

Also customizable in our bathroom vanities is the materials used to create the internal structures of the piece. These options are solid timber, birch ply and melamine. This choice comes down to personal preference and budget however all options will look exactly the same from the outside. To see all three options, follow this link!

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