Wormy Chestnut Furniture

Recycled looking hardwood timber furniture


Wormy Chestnut is a newly harvested timber that is a collection of different species of Eucalyptus including Messmate, Silvertop Ash and Cuttail.  This timber shows evidence of the challenges faced within the Australian climate such as drought, strong winds, fire and flood. The  character of the timber such as the  gum pockets and veins are a result of exposure to fire a harsh climate. The characteristic small holes and black features result from attacks by ambrosia beetles and pin hole borers. The strong winds stunt the growth of the trees resulting in interesting grain patterns and sap lines.  Wormy Chestnut timber is hard wearing and durable that is very similar to a traditional oak colour with its mellow straw blonde or light brown tones.   With the features of sap lines, black markings and pin holes, Wormy Chestnut has the look of a recycled Messmate timber without the additional costs. This type of timber can also be called Australian Chestnut when it has been hand picked to have minimal sap lines, pin holes and pockets.