Bring warmth to your bathroom with a solid timber vanity

 A solid timber vanity is a beautiful way of bringing visual warmth and luxury to the bathroom, a traditionally stark space made up of tiles, glass, mirror, stone and concrete.  There is a different type of timber to suit every style of bathroom from the character filled recycled Messmate to the rich warm reds of Jarrah or Red Gum to the pale blonde Scandinavian tones of American Oak or Australian Chestnut.    

Why choose a solid timber vanity?

In comparison to the other materials often used to construct bathroom vanities such as veneer, melamine or laminate, solid timber is both durable and fixable.  With normal usage, scratches, stains and water damage occur over time to the surface of the vanity.  The only way to rectify this wear and tear in the melamine, veneer or laminate is to replace the vanity.  With a solid timber vanity however, the timber is repairable with a coat of the maintenance spray in the case of a small scratch or a light sand and reapplication of the finish in the case of major damage. With only a minor amount of maintenance, a solid timber vanity can continue to look beautiful for decades. 

Why is the quality of construction important? 

 The Bombora philosophy of furniture creation is that we build every piece for beauty AND longevity.  Our vanities are created by our team of furniture makers using the same techniques as they use to create buffets, sideboards and dressers. This method of construction, as well as using solid timber to create the internal structures and drawer boxes, ensures that the timber is able naturally adapt to environmental changes to avoid cracking and bowing. 

Bespoke is best! 

Every one of our vanities are designed as well as made to order to ensure the prefect fit for your space, needs and style.  This means that we personalize all of our existing designs to suit your dimensions, basin, plumbing as well as configuration requirements.  We can also create a completely new design with you at no extra charge! 

But what about water and timber?

We use a high performance yet natural oil and wax finish called Osmo which creates a water and stain resistant layer on the surface of the timber.  This is the same product that we use on dining tables and bench tops.  If the finish can withstand my kids eating spag bol.... it can handle a little bit of water! Follow the link to find out more on the Osmo finish.