custom made timber benchtops - Bringing Warmth To Your Kitchen

A solid timber bench top, with its warmth, life and styling malleability is a beautiful addition to any kitchen to create a welcoming atmosphere. Timber works so beautifully in any aesthetic such as a modern, traditional or even a luxe industrial kitchen design to balance out the harder materials such as tiles, concrete, stone, stainless steel and laminate.  We have created such pieces for our clients kitchens as solid timber bench tops, waterfalled kitchen island benches as well as drawer fronts, cupboards, bulkheads and cladding. 

With the continuing popularity of open plan, the kitchen is often a part of the dining, living or family room making the continuity of the design and styling with these other spaces so important.   We love having the opportunity to create multiple pieces for a client that will be placed in the same space such as a dining table, buffet, TV unit and inbuilt shelving. Having the same timber type and character level used across all pieces as well as subtle design features ensures a flow and congruence of the styling with in a space. 

Timber is also a very forgiving material in these high use areas.  The natural oil and wax finish we use penetrates into the timber to ensure a deep protection from staining and liquid spills.  Having this natural finish also means that if a light scratch does occur that it is easily repaired locally with an application of product or if a deeper scratch occurs renovation can be done simply and in situ with a gentle sand and reapplication of the finish.   The surface is also easy to care for with just a one monthly application of an aerosol nourishing wax for very high use timber bench tops required to maintain its protection from stains and liquids. Click on the link to see the Osmo maintenance products in action! Click here to find out more about the Osmo natural oil and wax finish we use on all of our furniture and why we love it! 

Here are a couple of examples of some of our custom timber bench tops in recent projects we have been involved in. 

40mm thick Wormy Chestnut timber bench top with waterfalled legs. The light brown tone of this timber looks beautiful with the white cabinetry.

Red Ironbark timber bench top over cabinetry creates very useful storage in a small space.


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Alison Collins is the co-creator of Bombora Custom Furniture and in charge of all things other than making furniture!