Owning what matters

At a recent gathering for the Surf Coast women in business, I had the pleasure of experiencing a fantastic presentation by local interior designer Michelle Greene from Pure Greene Interiors about the new minimalism of owning what matters. I hope you find this concept as inspirational and life changing as I have! 

Recently my family and I moved house – we all know how daunting this can be. I was

overwhelmed at the realization of just how much stuff we had collected over a short

period of time. I began thinking about all the time and energy that had been put into

the “stuff” we owned. So many items never even used.

We spend far too much time, in our ‘time poor lives’, tidying our belongings, moving

things from one place to another, storing items that never see daylight.

How would you prefer to be spending this time? Perhaps playing with your kids,

spending it with your partner or friends, being creative, resting or pursuing things you

are passionate about.

What if you could reduce ‘your stuff’, so that what remained were only items that

have meaning or purpose?

But how?

The start of the journey takes you right through your home, removing material

possessions that no longer belong and any other clutter that has built up over time.

As you work through your items, there are 3 questions to keep in mind.


1. Does this have meaning?

2. Does it have a purpose?

3. Do I really think it’s worth having this in my home? (cost, space, maintenance,

time and energy, etc).


Many of the things you will find have no purpose, value or joy, but have just been

distracting you from the things that do.

Your home may feel a little bare after this exercise; your linen cupboard will probably

look under nourished and the living room may feel a little sparse. But before you can

start to create a statement with meaning in your home, you need to give yourself a

blank canvas to work with. Something you can build on, something that will grow with

you and your family, something that will truly represent you.

You can now create mindful spaces that tell your stories, align with your values, taste

and style; plus you’ll no longer battle with useless utensils in the kitchen drawer to

find a vegetable peeler. (Stats show that we waste one year of our life looking for


As an Interior Designer, people initially call on me to create spaces in their home that

look great and function well. But before I can do this, before I can really create

something that represents the people who live there, I encourage them to take this

cleansing journey. In my opinion, it’s essential.

Later this year, my family and I will be moving back into our renovated home. I

already have an image of what each room will look like, the layout and the

practicalities of every day life in each room. I’ve already decided what will go back to

the house (from furniture and 40+ boxes in storage). Most of all, I’m excited about

what I can leave behind to start a fresh home that’s uncluttered, flowing and only

contains items with meaning or purpose. A home that will give us time and energy in

return for it’s simpleness and a home that will truly represent who we are.

Guest blogger Michelle Greene from Pure Greene Interiors

Interior Designer and Simply Living Consultant