Tasmanian Oak Furniture

Light brown and pinked toned solid timber furniture


Tasmanian Oak is the name used at the timber yards for three almost identical species of Eucalyptus, the E. reganas, E. obliqua and E.delegatensis.  The main point of difference between these species is where the trees grow, their height and tones of the wood. In commercial timber yards, these timbers can be also named Victorian Ash or Messmate (E. Obliqua) depending on the origin of the timber. Tasmanian Oak timber is easy to work with yet also hard wearing and dense. The wood tones vary from straw blonde to reddish brown with the occasional hint of light pink.  This timber tends to have less features with few sap lines and a finer grain.  Because of the range of tones found in Tasmanian Oak, depending on a clients design brief, timber can be hand chosen to be mainly a specific colour or to show off the full range.