In built cabinetry - permanent furniture

Having your furniture built into your home not only increases the value of your property, it also improves the function and beauty of your space.  This is a solution that greatly increases the storage possibilities in those previously unused corners of your home such as under stairs, over a blank wall or in an unusually shaped area.   We love to use solid hardwood timber for the doors rather than a veneer and use edge stripped black ply or more hardwood for the shelving. This ensures that the piece will stand the test of time as the surface is easily repairable if there are any scratches. 

Whether it is just coincidence or ‘The Block’ effect, we have been creating an increasing number of custom made, in built furniture pieces for clients lately.  Many of these clients needed something that would fit perfectly into an awkward space for which an off the shelf piece just would not work.

This under stair unit makes a fantastic statement in the entrance hall of this clients home. Previously an empty space, it is now put to very good use to store such things as shoes and wine. The black of the form ply highlights the beautiful character of the Messmate recycled timber and balances the other materials of the polished concrete and stainless steel in the space. 

under stair storage built in storage Melbourne

This next piece was built into the recessed sections on either side of a fireplace. The timber was hand selected to match the clients Bombora dining table and is a beautiful rich brown with varying tones. The piece was designed to show off items the client wanted to display with the help of hidden LED lighting strips. 

hardwood cabinetry

Another reason our clients wanted pieces that were inbuilt was to create a more seamless and modern look.  A beautiful piece that is yet to be installed in a new home is a combination piece of a makeup table, bench seat and tall boy with a matching recycled timber bulk head over the top. Stay tuned for pictures of this one!  Another piece of which we are very proud of is this wall of cupboards constructed from black form ply edge stripped with hardwood with solid timber doors that have the grain continuous across the length. This was a monstrous task but after seeing the final results was well worth the effort! 

In built cabinetry solid timber

This next client wanted a piece that would fill a large 5m long space and function as both a TV stand as well as creating ample storage and visual balance. The sustainably harvested Tasmanian Oak timber is pale in tone and perfect for this modern coastal home. 

in built entertainment unit bellarine

This next piece was installed in a beautiful heritage home where the owners wanted to blend the old with the new in their bathroom renovation by using a highly refined piece of recycled timber as the vanity bench top. 

custom solid timber vanity

Our process with inbuilt furniture pieces is to come to your home to discuss your functional requirements as well as style before measuring the space. We then send you through our design based on your ideas which is altered until it is exactly what you want.  The build of the piece is then completed on site during the installation to ensure that it fits perfectly as no wall or floor is strait or flat. 


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Alison Collins is the Co-Owner of Bombora Custom Furniture and is in charge of all things other than making furniture!